New Faces – Kevin Fong

Welcome to the first in the series of ‘New Faces’. The purpose of this feature is to showcase up and coming creatives from around the world that have caught our eye here at Microdot. Anyone is eligible for inclusion, the only criteria the featured artists must fulfill are a clear passion for their chosen medium and a genuine creative talent.

To that end our first creative in the series is photographer Kevin Fong. Kevin was born in Hong Kong to Sino-Mauritian parents. He subsequently lived in London, England before moving to Toronto, Canada where he currently resides. Kevin states ‘Photography is a recently acquired love of mine, having always been a musician, but photography gives a unique outlet to be free and to satisfy curiosities that I’m unaware of until I stumble upon them.’ Just like us here at Microdot Kevin is attracted to photography that tells a story or feels part of a story, imagery where anonymous details seem to speak louder the more you look at them. Kevin goes on to say ‘I like to experiment, a lot of the pictures I take are simply from walking the street, seeing things from a different light that I may have passed a thousand times’. Kevin is a great believer in the Microdot ethic that when it comes to creativity there are no judges to say what’s right and wrong, it’s all about personal opinions – and for what its worth we think he’s good.

See below for several examples of Kevin’s work hand picked by ourselves.

Click on any image to view full screen

To contact Kevin or view more of his work –

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