Unsigned Bands Photo/Artwork Promotion

Microdot have always championed new, up and coming talent. They after all designed logos, created sleeve art and did photo shoots for Oasis, The Verve and Super Furry Animals before any of those bands had released a record and were as a result completely unknown. Continuing the tradition of creating excellent visuals for the best new bands around Microdot have recently announced a promotion to get involved with todays unsigned acts.

Microdot founder and Creative Director Brian Cannon explains – ‘Having been in the business of creating iconic imagery for bands for over 25 years we realise the importance of a strong visual identity, we also are aware of how difficult it is these days for bands to get ahead and be noticed amid the social media/online explosion – to that end we intend to reach out to unsigned artists and offer special rates for photo shoots, sleeve designs and promo videos to bands we like and feel have potential’.

The unsigned bands promotion runs from February 2016 and rates begin at a dramatically reduced £300.

If you or your friends are in a band and feel you would benefit from the Microdot Creative experience please contact info@microdotcreative.co.uk.

An archive of Microdot band related work spanning the past 25 years including all the classic designs for Oasis and The Verve amongst others can be viewed HERE

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